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Zit International


"ZIT International" was founded in 1967 as a Bulgarian-Japanese joint venture.

The company was one of the leading companies for modern computing equipment and was the first computer manufacturer in Bulgaria. The production of the computer factory has been known in many countries around the world - Poland, Cuba, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, China, Libya, Finland, India, etc.

1984 - 1990

US Specialists DOD and DOC appreciated ZIT products in 1984 at Control Data Corporation, Minneapolis, in 1990 at West Geophysical Houston at the computer factory headquarters. They have recognized that the factory has production capacities and the intellectual potential to produce modern products at competitive prices.

1997 - 2000

In 1997, ZIT was transformed into a joint stock company, and since 2000 it has the legal status of a 100% private company. The company was ranked in the top 100 IT companies in Bulgaria in 2003 by Computerworld (2004).
In parallel, the design and manufacture of the cash registers began. The company has established fiscal cash registers for the markets of Bulgaria and Serbia. They had a modern, electronic design based on Intel processors and Citizen or Epson printers. It is a combination of high efficiency and compact dimensions.


In 2017, ZIT introduced the "ZIT B20" – a mobile cash register with fiscal memory to the markets in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. Last generation technology has been used to design this model.

"ZIT International" aims to offer its customers the most competitive products and make their business easier. ZIT B20 wins its customers not only with an elegant design but also with an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

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